Mud Monsters Run. East Grinstead

Mud Monsters Run. East Grinstead

As I woke up early on a beautiful warm autumnal Sunday morning, I had a heady mix of emotions. My body was aching from what felt like a days’ worth of gardening, which in reality was just a few hours. My head was also tender from drinking too much vodka the night before, I totally blame my brother for this. On the plus side, I was excited as it was OCR day, this time the very fun and very muddy Mud Monsters Run in East Grinstead. In addition to this I couldn’t wait to eat one of the delicious Peking Duck hot dog’s courtesy of Mac’s Gourmet Hot Dogs.




Upon arrival to a well sign-posted event I couldn’t help but observe the amount of people that paid for premium parking, presumably so they don’t need to walk as far, which seemed odd to me being as most of them had run 35k that weekend, but hey ho we’re all different! Registration was a breeze and had a few minutes to catch up with one of the race directors Rebecca Large. Having only spoke to her about the event a few weeks before hand it was nice to see a smile on her face as the whole weekend was going like clockwork. Likewise, for the other race director Mark McMillen, he looked happy, although we found it uncomfortable looking one other in the eye due to a game of spin the bottle, which spectacularly backfired on us just a few weeks beforehand. All I’m saying is, Rebecca, you’re a lucky lass.

After a high energy warm up from the lovely PT Emz *and of course a photo* I was off. Very soon I found myself caked in their famous award winning mud, it was all over me like a tramp on chips and it was at this point I was very happy to be running a nice casual 5k. Weaving round the course in the warm sun was just lovely and the water was still bearable although I could start to feel a bit of a nip in it, much to the displeasure of certain parts of my anatomy.

The obstacles are of good quality and very varied and I was happy that there was only one carry (I don’t like carrying stuff). It’s nice to see RD’s investing in their OCR and has been good to see how it has developed over the years, I will one day beat those ninja rings! The terrain is great with not too many hills, personally I’d like to maybe run another route for 2017.

After the customary post-race photos I had a stroll around the chilled out village, there were some good tunes playing away in the background and I had a chance to catch up with some team mates and friends, which is always a pleasure.




After a very hurried change into warm clothes it was finally time for what I’d been waiting all day for, yes my Peking Duck hotdog, sure I didn’t need cheese on it, but hey if it’s there I’m simply not going to say no.


Soon after stopping for one last photo which I knew would work well to plug some Wrongens clobber :0), I strolled back to the car cramming down the lovely salt and sugary popcorn from the great goodie bag, I now realised why people had gone for premium parking, the walk back to the car seemed to take quite some time. All in all a fun day with body mind and spirit all working in harmony with one another. I’m a very lucky guy to be part of this community and can’t wait for my next race!




If you would like to book up this fun event in 2017 please visit and use discount code WRONGENS for 10% off an already reasonably priced entry fee