Newhaven Fort Zombie Run

Newhaven Fort Zombie Run

Newhaven Fort Zombie Run

So this is the second time I’ve been to this event and boy it’s just the best fun ever, even more so running around the awesome fort in the dark overlooking the lit up port and town.

As well as being the perfect location I would imagine it would have been a pretty easy job to find some locals to fit the zombie bill, read into that what you will!


 Zombie hotness rating =10


After a very swift registration my lady, Flo and myself were off, yes had my little Flo with us too, we needed protection and behind those docile eyes of hers is an absolute savage little beast. It genuinely felt a bit spooky up there so needless to say this was an ideal opportunity to keep on making Brigita jump and scream. We were soon met by the first zombie, although she reminded me of an ex she was still awesome.

As we weaved around the 5k track there were zombies everywhere, it was so much fun and was funny hearing screams from around the fort and surrounding areas. The main aim of this event is to make it around and not get infected by a zombie and your reward for this is a lovely bit of zombie bling, needless to say I took this challenge very seriously indeed!


You don’t want to know where his other hand was


After stopping for some much needed photos we continued on our mission, running in and out of buildings and weaving through tunnels with the scares and zombies.



As we finished the line we were greeted by some great energetic marshalls, a nice little goodie bag and cool bit of bling as shown here by Brigita.

14894447_1161312953954719_1342640702_o.jpg This awesome tee is available right now exclusively at (lol)

All in all this really is a fun 5k run, epic zombies, it’s well organised, the surroundings are unique and beautiful and its really is a memorable night, which like I said was made even better by having Flo with me. Many thanks to Wayne Urban for the invite and well done to your team, they really have this event nailed down.


 For more details or if you would like to book up for this fun event please visit