Meet the Team

Vince James and Vince James

It only seems fitting that I use this picture as this is the car crash that was the catalyst of OCR Wrongens. I'm a newcomer to the world of fitness and just love every single bit of it, aches and all. I help to manage my team RPCC Warriors, I'm an active Spartan Street Team member and write for Obstacle Race Magazine. Over the last 18 months I've been all over the country and Holland and have plans to beast OCR's around the world.



The brains behind the whole operation. She keeps me in check, is a great sounding board and some of the ideas she comes up with are just fantastic. In return all she wants is a belly rub, two walks a day and ample treats. She really is the perfect business partner.



Jo Dulson-Cox

Jo is a perfect fit as Chief of our Little Wrongens group. She has bags of experience from her roles as Sports and Development Officer and Active Lifestyle Coordinator to name but a few roles and she's a also mad as a hatter!