Grail Quest Race

Grail Quest is a ye olde medieval themed obstacle course race based in Somerset, taking place over 8km with 50+ obstacles.

You’ll have to attack “Battle Of Wessex” with the courage of a medieval Knight, conquer “Agincourt” and trample, crawl or swim through the trenches. They change the course and obstacles every year, to keep you returning Knights guessing.

Your quest starts on 5th September 2020 with an awesome new medal, new obstacles, new stash, more water and more mud. An improved viewing area for friends and family and a larger medieval village than ever with axe throwing, archery, medieval weaponry displays, wholesome food and plenty of mead. Guaranteed to keep spectators entertained whilst their Knights are in battle, and all Knights once they’ve conquered their Grail.

For more details and how to register please visit