Aztec Escape

An Aztec Army have captured you from a neighboring tribe and you are now being held on the edge of Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec Empire. So far this year, thousands of people have been sacrificed to please the Gods, and you have been sentenced to the same fate.  What would you do to escape?

Your ultimate mission is to make it to safety beyond the finish line. It certainly won’t be easy as you encounter the many tough, unique obstacles and Aztec Warriors along the course aiming to slow you down, make you give up, and ensure you don’t get away. Aztec Escape is equally challenging for newbies and experienced obstacle racers. Get yourself to the start line and be prepared to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Once you have made it past the finish line (we have faith you will make it), it is time to celebrate your escape at our Aztec Village Finishers Festival.

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The Wrongens wave is 10.00am and there's a 6km and 12km option. For this wave just scroll to the bottom of the Aztec registration page where you'll find registration options for solo and team entries.