Intrepid Series

The Intrepid Series is the toughest event series in the UK, designed by ex-SAS soldiers and Royal Marine Commandos.

The top 20 teams will make it through to stage 2; 10 teams will make it to stage 3; 5 teams will make it to stage 4; only one person will win the Intrepid Series - the Lone Wolf 2017.


Stages 2, 3 and 4 are top secret, and are designed to push participants to their mental and physical limits. The team have stopped at nothing, be it land, air, water or fire, to make it (literally) breath taking.


Stages 2, 3 and 4 will take place later on in the year. The entry fee covers all four events for those who make it through.

Alternatively, Intrepid “The Pack” is a non-competitive, untimed 4-mile obstacle course event with a focus on teamwork, achievement and fun. It will take place on Saturday 1st April 2017 at the Intrepid Series location in Hampshire, and is suitable for participants of all fitness levels.

Both the Intrepid Series and The Pack must be entered in teams of two.

All profits from the Intrepid Series and Intrepid “The Pack” go to two charities close to the hearts of Team Intrepid. “Talking 2 Minds” and “Who Dares Cares” support people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression and other serious mental illnesses.

For more details including how to sign up to this epic event please visit

Could you be the Lone Wolf?