Mucky Races

Get ready for the muckiest experience of your life! Mucky Races don't claim to be the biggest, toughest, longest or highest, they are not Judgement Day, Nuclear or Spartan, more an entry level race into mud and mayhem.

Mucky Races are not for the faint hearted! Their obstacle courses are designed to be challenging but most importantly, they're good fun and suitable for racers of all abilities and ages. You don't have to be a 6ft muscle god or supreme athlete to take part in their races! But if you are, you're still welcome and you're sure to be leaving with a big smile.

They are a Mud Run with some obstacles, not an OCR, however they do make a good OCR playground and training course, ideal for those looking at getting into the sport and equally as fun for those looking to get off the tarmac and into the Mud!!!

With a choice of eight great races and races for you kids too, you're really spoilt for choice. For more information please visit and if you would like to book a race discount code WRONGENS will get you an additional 15% off.