Urban Attack

Urban Attack, it's a sprint but harder than a marathon! The original knock out obstacle racing series and the biggest indoor racing out there to boot.

Racing inside iconic sporting venues with a roaring crowd, turning participants into 500 modern day OCR gladiators performing in front of live TV cameras in the electric atmosphere. Multiple races throughout the day, racing head to head, battling, jumping, running, swinging, crawling, sprinting, climbing and dragging over a mass of obstacles packed into a 1 km indoor course. Race your mates, to win or just for the hell of it - whatever reason, you'll become part of a special breed.

2015 sees the development of full live online TV broadcasting with re-runs of the key races freely available to view anywhere in the world. You better get training, thousands will be watching. 

There are numerous events to choose from so for more information please visit www.urbanattack.co.uk.