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Why training harder won't smash your PB!


Race season is upon us, and Totum Sport are sharing their tips to help you train better, recover faster and fly over that finish line this season...

Spring has sprung and we are making our way into racing season and you are likely to already be preparing, with the aim to train as hard as you can, in hope of a personal best.

It’s easy to think that training as hard as you possibly can will ensure you smash your personal best. You put in the hours and push your body to the absolute extreme to get it where it needs to be. But in fact, pushing your body to its limits can have the opposite effect. Some people train to the point where their body becomes weaker. This occurs when the volume and intensity of training overtakes the individual’s capacity to recover.

This leads people to burn out which can result in chronic fatigue, persistent muscle soreness and injury which could take months to recover from. Not only that, but you could be forced to tear up your training schedule which will no doubt be frustrating whether you’re an athlete or a recreational runner.

Training = Workout + Recovery! The problem with over-training is that the signs and symptoms show up very gradually and can look like other problems. Over time the cycle of starting another training session before the body has a chance to recover can break down the parts of the body that you have worked so hard to build up.

Like with everything else health related, recovery time is essential for OCR athletes. Two main factors are necessary in recovery: nutrition and time. Your body uses the nutrients you have given it during rest time, particularly during sleep, to repair itself. Therefore, it is vital that you fill your body with the right nutrients to ensure optimum health so that you’re on target to reach your goals.

So how can you make sure that you’re putting in the hours, without putting your body at risk of injury? Quicker recovery is key! Totum Sport is the only 100% natural sports supplement that replaces all 78 electrolytes that are lost through sweat. Harvested from rich plankton blooms, Totum Sport contains all of the electrolytes your body needs in bioavailable form, which means they will be rapidly absorbed by your body for fast results when you need them most.

While other sports supplements focus on only a few electrolytes, primarily Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium and Chloride, they largely ignore the rest that are also lost through sweat! It is vital to replace ALL 78 Electrolytes not only for a full recovery, but also for their other essential functions within our body. Chromium helps to regulate glucose levels in the blood, whereas Silicon is needed for collagen synthesis, which is crucial for cartilage, tendons and bones. Iron is also important as it transports oxygen to our tissues, which is why when you have a decline of Iron you can feel fatigued.

Every electrolyte is important to replace,and it is even more important to replace them together so that they don’t interfere with each other and cause us deficiencies in other electrolytes. Replacing all 78 electrolytes using Totum Sport supports your body by nourishing your cells, helping your body to recover fully after training so you can get back to pounding the pavements and smashing your PB without the symptoms of over-training.

Not only that, but Totum Sport also supports your overall health, maintaining your body at a cellular level. Training hard can reduce your body’s immunity, which can leave runners susceptible to picking up infections or other illnesses such as colds and flu. Training with Totum Sport maintains higher levels of immunity, keeping you stronger throughout your training and fully prepared for race day.

When you demand maximum performance, Totum Sport will keep you stronger for longer – making the difference between winning, losing and achieving your personal best.

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