We're all a bit messed up in the head and what's more we kinda know it too!

Like a lot of us, over the last few years I've had the pleasure to meet an array of people from all walks of life. In particular  over the last year or so after I lost myself for a bit, I  talk to loads of people about an array of issues. You know what, the resilience and tenacity of humans, particularly under difficult circumstances is pretty amazing.

I was talking to a good friend recently over a couple of beers and I found myself sharing my few pearls of wisdom and I thought why not write about it. So here goes, it kind of works for me when I felt I was losing myself and this may help others too.

1. Don't isolate yourself from friends and family. Pick up the phone (not text). Go for a coffee. A walk. Just do something.......anything.

2. Don't put things off. Whether it's a difficult conversation or situation, it's seldom never as bad as your stupid brain has tricked you into thinking.

3. Don't obsess about things that in the grand scheme of life just aren't that important.

4. Accept how you feel. Yes you feel dreadful at the moment, it will pass. In the meantime just accept what you're going through and just try your absolute best to go with the flow.

5. Do try and get a good nights sleep. Try and switch off from the phone and other distractions at least an hour before sleep (I'm still working on this one!).

6. You don't have to live by so called 'rules' and high standards you set yourself. You're only setting yourself up for a fall.

7. You don't have to please everyone else all the time at your own expense. Sometimes you have to be a bit selfish.

8. Do the right thing. It's not always the easiest thing, however it very nearly always pays off in the long term.

9. Help others. It gives you a great sense of purpose.

10. Try and find something to focus on productive. Big or small it doesn't matter. An idle brain is simply not good for your wellbeing.

11. Don't listen to tittle tattle and nonsense. It can only drag you down.

12. Lastly, be kind to yourself, you're doing the best you can.

This list is far from exhaustive. Do please seek professional help if needed. Here's a few organisations that may be able to help.

For virtually absolutely you need regarding Mental Health and services available please visit www.mind.org.uk



Their housing advice has been changing lives since 1966. For more details please visit https://england.shelter.org.uk



Family Action transforms lives by providing practical, emotional and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across the country. www.family-action.org.uk


Did you know that if you text 07725 909090 when you are feeling really depressed, a crisis counsellor will text with you? Many people don't like talking on the phone and find it difficult to open up to friends and family. Some people would be more comfortable texting. It's a service run by Samaritans. They can also be called for free on 116 123


Veterans' Geteway is the first point of contact for veterans seeking support. They put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need. From healthcare and housing to employability, finances, personal relationships and more. www.veteransgateway.org.uk



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Mindfulness is a technique that has helped millions of people across the world. The main point of the practice is to fully embrace the present moment with mindfulness and awareness. Here, Tibetan Buddhist meditation master Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche gives simple instructions for bringing awareness to the body, sensory experience, space, and finally to awareness itself. This and thousands of other videos are available for free now on YouTube.