Wrongens® Fundraising

There were prizes galore on the first Wrongens raffle, brilliantly organised by Gemma OCR Chesney with prizes donated by Race Directors and retailers alike. A superb £652.56 was raised in the process.


I'm delighted to report that the OCR Wrongens becoming Rightens for just one day campaign raised £186.25 for this amazing charity.

A massive thank you to everyone that contributed towards this.


The Wrongens have partnered up with the homeless charity Crisis and Somerville Stone to produce these beautiful house numbers.

£10.00 of the proceeds from each sale of these is being donated to Crisis. They measure 300mm x 100mm x 200mm and made of high quality grey slate. If you are interested in these please contact Darren Somerville via Facebook.


The first Wrongens Virtual race saw a total of £333.00 raised to help fund several good causes including Simon's Heroes and Helen Chapman's pinky fund. 


Huge thank you to everyone that joined in on the Wrongens second virtual run, Wrongens Trousers. £190 was raised for a homeless charity Warming Up The Homeless and this brought 190 breakfast packs.

An additional £118 was raised through Crowdfunding, which helped fund a purchase of 120 emergency space blankets, 60 pairs of socks and 30 pairs of much needed boxer shorts. 


January 2018 saw 100 Wrongens get off the sofa and hit the streets on the Wrongens January Virtual, which raised £300, again for the charity Warming Up The Homeless.

Similar events will be taking place in May and August 2018. If you'd like to be part of these please visit www.wrongens-events.com


The Wrongens don't just get involved in OCR oh no. In October we were one of a few proud sponsors of a MMA Fight Night in Hastings. All the proceeds from sponsorship went directly to a local homeless charity Snowflake.


We were also proud sponsors of the first Charing Scout Group Colour Run. All the profit from this event were going towards a spanking new scout hut. 


Shout out to Helena Chisolm and her Little Wrongens for getting together thirteen boxes full of Christmas goodies for Operation Christmas Children's Boxes


In May 2018 62 Wrongens  stepped up and took on the Army Dog Tags Challenge, which raised £124.00, again for the charity Warming Up The Homeless.

In real terms this is 124 breakfast packs. Not one penny donated to this charity goes on admin charges.